Home Whitening Kits

The package includes an in clinic light clean and polish of the teeth to prepare for two light activated bleaching sessions using the Whitewash Laboratory whitening system. Included in this package to take home are two bespoke bleaching trays, 16% carbamide peroxide gel, aftercare and follow up assessments by our dentist as required 


Whitening Smile is a teeth whitening clinic

based in Sevenoaks, Kent. 


We have a registered GDC dentist

who carries out the professional teeth whitening

using Whitewash Laboratories teeth whitening system.

What is The Whitewash Laboratories Teeth Whitening System?


The peroxide level of the Whitewash Laboratory gel used is too strong to

use with whitening trays so we use a direct application method,

the gel is carefully applied onto the teeth. Soft mouth tissue

is protected with the use of a cheek retractor.


Having applied the gel the whitening

process is activated using a professional light-activated 

high-powered teeth whitening light.

The whitening process is then repeated to ensure you receive the best possible results.

Our teeth whitening treatment takes approximately one hour to complete. 




DR Neli Garbelova
Samantha  Bowers




Our Address

117 London Road


Kent ​TN13 1BH

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 09:30AM – 17:30PM



01732 469700

FB: whiteningsmile


"..Neli was wonderful, very friendly and personable. Explaining exactly what she was going to do and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Great results - I'm so happy! Thank you 😊."

 "Have had my teeth whitened here twice. (A year in between each) Everything is explained so well, they really take care of you from start to finish and explain all aftercare. Treatment was pain free and I was amazed with the results! Highly recommend!!!!"

 Hannah Willingham -September  2019

Angie Everett-Penfold - October 2019