DR Neli Garbelova
Samantha Bowers


DR Neli Garbelova (GDC 260200)

I have been a dentist in the UK since 11/09/2015

My background includes:  Qualifying as a dentist from the Medical University of Plovdiv Bulgaria in 2014. I began my clinical career working as a Dentist in a private clinic in Bulgaria. I specialised in Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics and am a member of the Bulgarian Association of Cosmetic Dentistry.


My degree qualification includes but not limited to: 

Direct Restoration of severely damaged Teeth

Tri Laminar Technique: Comprehensive approach to direct adhesive restoration in prosteria region.

Using the dental operating Microscope endodontic treatment in everyday practice, machine processing with Pro Taper Next

Adhesive Technologies Contemporary overview

Strategies for Predictable Aesthetic Dentistry

Free - hand bonding in the smile frame and metal free restorations in the posteria teeth - Didier Dietschi


I have worked at Whitening Smile Sevenoaks since the opening in April 2016, where I perform Teeth Whitening Treatment and Deep Hygiene Cleaning. I have fantastic results using the 6% H20 whitening gel and activation lamp that helps to accelerate the whitening process. This is achieved using 2 20 minute sessions within your 1 hour appointment. 

Samantha Bowers

Our receptionist at Whitening Smile Sevenoaks - I am a former Dental Nurse with reception and customer service experience of over 20 years.

I am here to ensure you have a great service from the moment you walk into Whitening Smile to the moment you leave.